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SGTech’s Global Future Series!

The Global Future Series explores the key issues, latest thinking and examples of success from across the technology & ICT industry. Proudly brought to you by SGTech, in partnership with ASN Media.

Hear experts and industry professionals share their insights for now and the future, along with in-depth profiles from SGTech members and leading organisations.

The Global Future Series covers the themes that matter most to our sector: AI, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation, Sustainability, Digital Trust & Cybersecurity and Talent & Skills.



Episode One - AI

In Asia, AI stands at the crossroads of innovation and challenge, promising revolutionary industry advances while posing ethical and societal dilemmas. This episode explores the balance between AI's potential and its implications, highlighting the region's journey towards harnessing this powerful technology.

Episode Two - Digitalisation

Digitalisation in Asia marks a pivotal shift towards a future where technology reshapes every aspect of life, from business to social interactions. This episode explores how digital transformation is unlocking new opportunities, driving economic growth, and addressing challenges across diverse sectors, emphasizing the region's leap into a tech-empowered era.

Episode Four - Sustainability

Asia's push for sustainability intertwines closely with technological innovation, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to address environmental concerns. This episode showcases how digital advancements and green tech drive sustainable practices across industries, aiming to reduce environmental impact while fostering economic growth, highlighting the region's strategic approach to achieving ecological balance through technology.

Episode Six - Talent & Skills

The talent and skills landscape in Asia is evolving rapidly in response to the digital era's demands. This episode explores the region's initiatives to bridge the skills gap, highlighting innovative education and training programs designed to equip the workforce with the competencies needed for tomorrow's tech-driven job market, showcasing Asia's commitment to nurturing a future-ready talent pool.